subvert with Heather Gold (fka the Heather Gold Show) in Toronto 5/25!

subvert with heather gold: an interactive talk show

w/guest amazing actor, director Moynan King and many more
Granny Boots
Wednesday May 25th
Doors 7:30, Show 8-10
Gladstone Hotel, Melody Bar

1214 Queen St W


subvert with heather gold holds the honest conversations we’re craving
It’s a live and online experience that brings together different guests, performers and you (the people formerly known as the audience) in collective inquiry around a live, universal question or themes. It’s a place to be our whole selves together. It’s a lot funnier than that sounds. You are encouraged to bring baked goods, because that makes everything better. And Gladstone already has booze.

This show ran in San Francisco for a while as the Heather Gold Show.  I plan to launch this as a podcast and bring some nice updates to this site all in good time. If you’d like to work on producing the podcast or have this show live in your town, let me know.

This show’s theme is Garden more. Plant less. We’ll discover what we tend to and how with director Moynan King (Beauty Shop, Mothering, Proust Project), Sanjay Ratnan and Saniya Ansari (the Torontonians, Mammalian Diving Reflex) and comic Dawn Whitwell (Comedy Girl, Edinburgh Fringe)

What No on 8 should have looked like

17 year old James testifies to Vermont Senate on LGBT Equality.

He nails the second class citizenship issue. Nails it. Please excuse my choice of words.

But forget al the abstract crap about civil unions etc. Here is the point: Are we equal or are we inferior?

This is how we need to campaign in California and across the country. And we need to have lots of

meals with other people and talk about it honestly.

Obama picks Rick Warren (Yes on 8) for inauguration

Obama is clearly making as many symbolic efforts of inclusion as he can to govern from the center. Picking an evangelical preacher like Warren is part of that.

I find Warren’s support of Prop 8 cowardly and morally reprehensible.

And, like many queers, I am tired of being the one who has to “be bigger.” We know what it is to put up with ignorance and self-censorship to be “part of the family.”

But here’s the problem we face: we want a democracy that recognizes each of us as equals under the law. We say we want all difference acknowledged. We are not fundamentalists. This means we are always going to be stuck “being the bigger person” when it comes to dealing the evangelical and fundamentalist world within the democratic process.

If we really believe there is room in our democracy for us and them to both exist and be treated with dignity and be different, then our leverage comes from showing up without censorship. We can’t make it an “us or them” game and then claim our goal is democratic inclusion. Not because of how we feel about the immoral politics and “theology” of evangelicals like Rick Warren, but because of our own integrity. Because of what we stand for. We have to find as many ways as possible to make clear that they are wrong. To make our lives, our relationships, our marriages-illicit as they are now- as visible as possible.
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