subvert live in SF 4/20 : Left to our own Devices

Bay Area favorite performer and conversationalist Heather Gold brings her talk show back to the Bay under its new name subvert. (Past guests include: Merlin Mann, Prof. Larry Lessig Michelle Tea and twitter co-founder Ev Williams) Her first live show and soon-to-be-podcast will happen at The Garage on April 20th. This show is themed Left To Our Own Devices and features from-left-field, hilarious writer and musician Michelle Haynes and sculptor and installation artist Michael Brown in conversation with you, the people formerly known as the audience. How do you get a worthwhile education? Michelle grew up in a very religious home and was home schooled and  self-taught, reading everything she could get her hands on. Michael grew up making his own audio-animatronic figures. What lets someone understand they can give themselves a creative education? How do we unschool for this?

Seating is limited. BUY TIX.

(video: Michael Brown’s Ghost Horse)


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