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The Jewish trifecta: Nazis, Jesus + bagels

Monday, December 17th, 2007

The Heather Gold Show: DIY

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

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Buy tix for next show The instructables folks add a lot to the DIY conversation, whipping out their lasercut laptops, delighting MAKE founder Dale Dougherty and the rest of us. Featuring ikea hacks.

She’s Geeky: featuring baked goods + globalization.

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

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I had fun at the first chick tech unconference. Watch and learn how women are really just so different.

video: Canada invaded

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

News from the Future: Canada invaded by Narizonavadamexico in Water Wars.


Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

A subverted travelogue of our adventures in France, Spain and America which turns out to be a pretty wonderful place.

Vote for my SXSW panels

Monday, August 20th, 2007

The panel picker just launched. If you’d like to see these panels happen, then lay 5 stars on ’em. And have your pals do the same. It would make me very happy.

• Gossip isn’t just for breakfast anymore. It’s the new news, and at the heart of the much of the new content, viral marketing, the new investment analysis and the new business model. Do we have time for facts? Owen Thomas from Valleywag will be on the panel as will some very different folks.

• What Will Replace the Studio Model Online? Somewhere between Goo Tube and Hollywood, there are new studio models trying to be born. With most models working to serve advertisers or tech needs of users, who is serving the creator’s point of view?

Vote now.Yes now.

Of course, The Heather Gold Show will be there too…

Supernova 2007 – video discussion

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
  • While asking a question about getting to video audience online:
    “During the civil rights movement, the sherrif would make black people come into his office in order to vote and ask them how many bubbles are there in a bar of soap.” – Tom Mandel
    How Mr Mandel connected this to video, I am still uncertain.
  • What key content will drive people on to the net to watch? Very little says Lee Berke, except sports. Lee Burke, surprisingly, works for sports teams.
  • The video audience online is pretty small now, says Scoble. The top show is Rocketboom at 300,000. (here in the room) says 10-20,000 for his livecast. So Scoble chose a small niche attractive to advertisers and spends a lot of focus getting his posts to high Google rankings (via metadata and headlines) since most people experience the Internet via Google.
  • When we let people come imbed a player from our site into theirs with our content our traffic tripled- Scoble
  • – the democratic web video play by the Skype co-founders. (Jost is the “quality” MSM play). You can imbed this on your facebook page.
  • 14 cents/GB = cost of video. So is there a revenue model big enough to support this? Because if you get too populsr, how can you fund this?
  • How do we get an advertiser to recognize the value of our enthusiastic audience of 5-30,000 users? Good Night Burbank team member-Sanford Dickert. Answer was wait 5 years.
  • Other than Scoble and Goodnight Burbank, I was the only person I know i=of in the room actualy making stuff, and the only one making it long-form net-first. This point of view changes my interests and what I see:

    Vlogging Supernova 2007

    Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

    I’m bl/vlogging a geek / biz conference with a strong media twist this week. I’ll let you know when I’m doing some live streaming commentary. I’m not sure how quickly Ill post video. For now, I’m blogging and twittering (twitter name – heathr)

  • How do you price engagement or intention /attention – Deb Schulz
  • What you’re disintersted in is very important to marketers – Dick Costello Feedburner
  • Ev Williams makes the obivious statement that influential people in your life matter the most. He envisions a world of Burger King croissandwich sponsored people twittering and hotlisting their croissandwich love.
  • Turn media buyers into community evangelist – Deb Schultz
  • “I want what I want when I want it. Why is that so hard?” – Deb S.
    Because companies are as narcissistic as many parents. Service is left for religion. -hg
  • Max from Nielsen just said econometric. Wow I didn’t know you could turn marketing into physics. Why bother understanding or listening?
  • Lots more about the “new digital economy” and the “mystery” of how to get business to understand how to build word of mouth, community business. Women have been doing this for ages: Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay. It’s about personal relationships, fun, community and being paid attention to.

    My thoughts on the coming more humanly/communicative company:

    Sales> service
    Marketing> community management / relationships

  • Videos I have known

    Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

    I’m looking forward to judging tonight’s NewTeeVee’s Pier Screening . They offered me the Simon Cowell Role, but I don’t think I have the hand hair to qualify.

    You an always clink on the videocategory link to see a lot of my videos, but here are some of my favourites (I know that’s not the way Americans spell it, but it’s the way Canadian-Americans do):

  • Best of the Net: Dancin’
  • I always wanted a dog
  • What would it really take to impeach Bush?
  • Sneak preview: American Us
  • Is anyone running for President saying anything truthful?

    Friday, May 18th, 2007

    I’ve become a regular reader of Andrew Sullivan’s excellent blog.
    Andrew is a proud conservative and I am not, but I’m finding his blog a better way to track politics than even the New York Times. He’s struggling with principle against the creeping fascism and pro-torture position of his party, the Republicans.

    I wish I had the same level of interest in the details of politics to be as effective a voice about the Democrats. I consider myself an independent and registered that way. How deep are the Democrats problems? They couldn’t get a Jewish lesbian Canadian immigrant to register Democrat.

    The truth is that I really am not so attached to what I call myself. I never have been. My sense of myself is deeper an probably more complex than the “tags” lesbian, straight, bisexual and politically I don’t find Republican or Democrat appealing.

    I am concerned about honesty, integrity, caring, intelligence and effective problem solving wherever it rears its head. I don’t believe any one group has a lock on truthfulness or a right way. To be attached to that is similar to the kind of religious fundamentalism that has created such pain in the world in the name of the safety of those who will blindly agree there is only one right way.

    Perhaps that’s why I find myself drawn to the Ron Paul clips Andrew Sullivan has been posting. He’s running for the Republican Presidential nomination. I disagree with a lot of Ron Paul’s political views but at least he seems genuine, human and principled, rather than a brand created by marketing team. I would love to see someone within the Democratic nomination race speak as plainly to that party.

    And I would love to see, more than anything, government stop being a broker for round-trip (decidedly unfree market) financial deals, whether it’s through debt financing a developing country or creating a massive wealth transfer via war.

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