Paté and Joan

Paté & Joan were my law school salvation. I’ve never been sure if they are sassy chicks or righteous drag queens. One way or another, they find themselves, through a series of cruising and interior decorating accidents, enrolled in Law Skul…

I drew these each week to keep me from gnawing my right arm off, while I was stuck in the trap of Law Skul.

What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?
Dean’s Office
Career Options
Cafe 2
Job Interview
The Question is Moot
Paté & Joan’s Interpretive Guide to Law Skul Propaganda
Faculty Selection
The Horror
Fun with Facilities
Rights Swopping
Wife Shopping
Faculty Meeting
April Fools
To do List
New Year’s Resolutions
La Finale

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  1. Phillipetesy Says:

    Regards! Plenty of advice.
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