5 Replies to “CIA Leak? What would it really take to impeach Bush?”

  1. I stopped asking a long time ago why Bush had not been tarred and feathered by the American people let alone the so-called “liberal media” but then I remembered that my fellow Americans were too busy watching “American Idol”. What I don’t know is how our diversity coordinator gotcha to come to KUMC next week. I don’t feel that it is entirely red here or I wouldn’t live here but it isn’t exactly the liberal college town you would find in Lawrence. Kansas City is a city at least and some of the best food in this city is right around the corner to our concrete campus. Look forward to seeing your show next week.

  2. Great bit, Heather. I think that the scenario you proposed as the only way to impeach GB is very, very plausible. We just have to catch him engaging in the simultaneous acts you described. Know anyone who can peek in his windows with a live-feed camera?

  3. I’m looking forward to my visit to KUMC. I’m not too into “red” and “blue.” People are people and one on one, tend to be delightful. I’m not sure how empowered most Americans are feeling, either nationally and politically or in our own lives. And Amanda, I think Karl Rove has been taping Bush for his own pleasure already :-) Where should I eat in Kansas City?

  4. Um a bit late on the KC food suggestions. I blame the flu in April; a lovely illness that combined with spring Kansas pollen is like a perpetual congested grumpy hacking fit. D’bronx on 39th and Bell is tasty, see my images of the store front at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jducey/61488080/in/set-1328280/.

    Genghis Khan and Blue Koi are located on either side of D’bronx and are equally as good as well as Shanghai 39 across the street. BBQ – Oklahoma Joes and KC Masterpiece are my favorites. Hell by now…45 minutes from show time you are going to be stuck eating Qdoba (urp). Maybe I can beat some of the poor medical students and be 89th in line for free mushy faux Chipotle.

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