Perception (audio podcast)

4/13/07 How does perception lead to knowing? How is life different for someone with coupled senses—someone who can literally taste words? Can we all change our world view and how often?

Heather conversates with
Synesthete Cassidy Curtis comic performer and now partially-blind Enzo Lombardo-Quintero, magicianMagic Safire, cognitive neuropsychologist Brian Silva and the people formerly known as the audience

Listen to the mp3 of the entire show (90 min)

How did you first realize that you see the world in a particular way?

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  1. Caroline Says:

    Thanks for putting on an amazing show Friday night. I sat front row, rapt. I was led to your website after reading about you in Curve magazine. What you said about connecting with our true selves, and the shared experience of folks in a room together…really resonated with me. I absolutely had to attend your show on Perception bc I am a student of A Course in Miracles, and a key part of this mind trip is learning that perception is a result and not a cause; that perception is a choice, and not a fact…Yes, we all can change our world view!! I hope to attend more shows. Thanks again for being you.

  2. Heather Gold Says:

    Thanks so much Caroline.

    Your comments about perception as a result and not a cause (of point of view) resonant for me about life attitud, but make me wonder about something like synesthesia. Some perceptions are neurologically-based and appear to be persistent. Although my impression from Brian Alvarez from Cal’s neuropsychology dept. is that our brains are “plastic” (minds too?). No one knows if synesthesia is from birth or developed. It doesn’t seem to be changeable but who knows. It is scertainly a really cool way of becoming aware of how one perceives. In fact, one of my friends discovered he has synesthesia while talking with the guests at the bar after the show last night.

  3. subvert » Tasting words Says:

    [...] did one of my favourite Heather Gold Shows on perception (listen) which featured many synesthetes. It's really one of my favourite subjects, possibly because I [...]

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