Monsanto did not drink farmer Percy Schmeiser’s milkshake (32 min)

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Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser stood his ground when Monsanto sued him for patent infringement almost 10 years ago. Just last week he won a landmark case in small claims court, forcing Monsanto to admit liability for the contamination of his crops. I spoke with Percy today and his story really enlightened me as to some of the risks of Genetically Modified Organisms which I’d not contemplated.

It’s not the just about “frankenfood.” It’s about what is done in order to create and own life in the service of near-term profits. When you hear Percy’s story, you’ll see how it’s not much different than the techniques Daniel Plainview used in There Will Be Blood. Monsanto’s legal right to patent a seed also means, based on Percy’s suit, that it is responsible for the consequences. Denise Caruso, started the Hybrid Vigor Institute for scientists because she found out that leading genetics researchers have no idea what the risks are based on what they’re creating.

Denise asks How we can focus on Process Over Outcome? for the live May tHG show.

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  1. Agnes Says:

    Excellent interview on Percy’s part. The girl interviewing needs some serious experience – she makes this nearly impossible to listen to by interrupting and talkin too loudly, including interjecting about herself (and she went to LAW SCHOOL? Geez.) Heather is on the right side, but she does not do this interview any justice. It’s too bad, because it’s very important, and many will not listen to Percy in this recording with Heather jumping in and finishing sentences. People don’t want to hear it, and that is a real shame. Edit her out a little, maybe?

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