Twitter Updates for 2008-08-26

  • Kucinich is kicking some tush. Video: #
  • @arielwaldman I don’t use twitter favorites..will only do so when reviewing my own to find jokes i want to use again. what other purpose? #
  • new video: Michelle Obama and my possible GTD conversion. Is it like geek Mormonism? Should I do it? #
  • @maximolly Finally a Canadian is the world’s best!…bicycle thief #
  • Posted ‘This morning: Michelle Obama and GTDers as Geek Mormons’ to #
  • Best emotional moment hands down is watching BO and his kids talk and hearing them tell him they love him ..most genuinely. #
  • I’m sure Michelle O does love this country. But I’m also sure that a committee made her just say that now. #
  • Stupid + sexist to have silent Claire McCaskill daughter Maddie spoken for by her brother standing next to her. #
  • Why does the Democratic party put people on the stage who are clearly uncomfortable being there? #
  • Jen Bekman is as savvy and creative a thinker as @girlwonder and @clevergirl said she is. I’m now really excited by a small idea. #

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