Jews are about to be governed by Mormons

Number of Mormons in California: 761, 763  (2006 #s)

Number of Jews in California : 999,000 (2001 #s)

The Mormon Church is about to change the California Constitution on November 4th to make my Jewish wedding unConstitutional because I married a woman.

The Mormon Church is going to make its religious doctrine our secular law because people who aren’t gay aren’t that involved right now. But you will be affected. The main argument for Prop 8 is that civil legal inclusion of marriages like mine oppose fundamentalist Christianity.

If you are not Mormon, you’re about to live in a country in which that religion’s current doctrine is about to become a good reason to amend a State’s Constitution, unless you do something about it.

Jews are used to feeling like a minority but there are *more of us* than there are Mormons in California. And, like many Mormons have shown, you don’t have to live in California to donate or spread the word.

Nov. 5th you will probably have President Obama and a Democratic Congress and -while you weren’t thinking it wasn’t your issue- a changed Constitution in CA that excludes a minority from legal protection because our lives don’t sit well with their fundamentalist Christian doctrine.

It was conflict over the afterlife when the Mormon Church was found to be baptizing Holocaust victims.Prop 8 is a spiritual presumption over our civic laws that govern us now.And I’ve always been taught that how well we lives our lives now is what Judaism is about. That, and a lean corned beef on rye with a half sour pickle.

We can still *easily* defeat prop 8. The Mormon Church has organized for a long time for this fight. Their donation and online numbers reflect their maxed out participation. We are neck and neck.

You will be affected. Will you be involved?

Vote no on 8. DonateJoin on faceBook to be counted. Spread the word. Forward this on.

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  1. It’s funny, I mentioned this at my Synagogue and was shouted down before I could finish my sentence. “Mormon bashing is as bad as attacking Jews” they said.

    Is it?

    Can a terrorist organization hide behind the cloak of religion?

    Would it have been wrong to speak out against the Crusades in 15th century Spain?

  2. Many have said that prop 8 is a homophobic and hate filled agenda. But it wasn’t created by people who hate gays. And it definitely was never intended to justify or promote fear, hatred, or violence towards those practicing homosexuality.

    In addition, Prop 8 opponents are spouting feel good fluff about how they just want to love and be loved, and want to be treated the same as every one else. This is either ignorance or a smoke screen designed to distract from the real issues. Rights to joined themselves in a civil union, adopt, benefit from insurance policies, have hospital visitations, and not testify against a spouse in court etc. would not be withheld from same sex couples if prop 8 passed (see for yourself: web search Family Code §297.5). This is not about homosexuals loosing their civil rights. It is about churches, organizations and individuals loosing their rights to believe as they choose.

    Very knowledgeable lawyers have determined that we are at risk of loosing our freedom to worship without government restriction and penalties, and to control our children’s education about homosexuality. The ramifications are that they will use the law to force (directly or indirectly) the indoctrination of your kids in school, allow for only churches that teach that same sex marriage is ok to have tax exempt status and will preclude any organization that doesn’t agree with them from having access to public resources (student loans etc.) or participating in government regulated activities (adoption, marriage etc.). You may think that these scenarios are just paranoia, but they’re not. This is already happening.

    But underlying these issues is the “right to disagree”. This is also correctly termed “tolerance”. Tolerance allows people to disagree without fear of oppresion, violence, threats, or persecution of any type. Unfortunately the term tolerance is misinterpreted by prop 8 opponents to mean, “everyone must agree that my lifestyle is ok”. You would think that it would be obvious and natural to be able to disagree on a topic while maintaining your own beliefs and still respect others right to do the same. Unfortunately, “live and let live” isn’t good enough for some people. Why? Because all the diversity policies, parades, flag waving, clubs, parts in movies, and special recognition days haven’t accomplished their intended purpose. That is, to make homosexuals feel better about their lifestyle choice through mainstreaming their agenda. They’re desperate to make others accept their lifestyle choice as being normal, healthy and good. And most people don’t believe this. And now it’s come to the point that if you don’t believe their rhetoric, then they’re prepared to force it on you and your children without your consent.

    Same sex marriage proponents have lies, smear tactics, hate filled campaigns, and lobbying for the inappropriate legislative acts of liberal activist judges to force their agenda. Interestingly, or appallingly as is the case, these were the same tactic used by Hitler to force his doctrines on the citizens of Germany. Make laws that promote the indoctrination of children, legitimize the suppression of those who refuse to cooperate and generally promote hatred towards those that don’t believe the way you do. Promoting hatred and anger was at the heart of the tactics used by the Nazi régime, and it scares me to see this type of attitude promoted by some opponents of prop 8. I’m continually surprised to learn of the venomous acts of hatred, vandalism, destruction and violence towards prop 8 supporters and their property. And the stories keep pouring in. I’m assuming that the prop 8 opponents who do these things are typically decent people. What is it about this proposition that brings out such behavior? It reminds me of the civil rights era and the oppression, propaganda and violence used against those trying to protect the rights of African Americans. Respectable citizens, parents, and even young children got caught up in the hate. While those who were fighting for freedom were passive and never gave into hate. Are there prop 8 proponents that give into hate? Yes, unfortunately. But in general those who want to protect marriage are peaceful, hardworking, sober and passive citizens. I’ve also met, and believe that the majority of those who oppose prop 8 are good and decent people (gay and straight).

    So quite ranting about how everyone who doesn’t believe in same sex marriage is a hateful, bigot, homophobe bla bla bla. Get a grip on the real issue here because you may be the next victim of corrupt judges forcing their will on your beliefs.

  3. Joe, I don’t think that naming what is happening is “bashing.”
    “Bashing” is a term that, as far as I know comes from “gay bashing.” As in, “Let’s go hit and hurt some gay people.” It still happens frequently across this country.
    Simply naming what is happening is not bashing. It is official LDS policy now to have its members donate a lot of money and time to change the law of California to try to make it comport with its religious teachings.

    Bill, I’m Jewish. So the irony of saying that my efforts to defeat Prop 8 are the same as being a Nazi is really rich.

    I’m not desperate for you to accept me or like me or my relationship. My life and relationship are great whether you like them or not. What I do care about is living in a democracy in which I am treated equally under the civic law.

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